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      The Group of Companies "Pesticides RU” has been in the business of sales of agricultural crop protection products for 15 years. The pesticides which we offer to agricultural producers have been proven as highly effective by many of our customers in many regions of Russia.

At present the company has offices in some 20 Russian regions and is expanding its geographical presence in other regions where agriculture is or being developed.

In each area we maintain regional representatives operating on the principle of “direct contact”.

Our experts are always there, actively interacting with managers and agronomists of various agricultural enterprises. Located directly on the fields and farms, they advise their customers on the subject of delivery of necessary chemicals helping them to choose the most efficient solution to protect their crops.

A stringent QC policy for incoming materials and outcoming products makes sure that only high quality chemicals reach the customer.

Our continuous R&D, and the formulations and experiments conducted by us in real conditions have been helping us to produce an even greater number of new and improved chemicals to continue to assist the agricultural sector in helping to protect their crops better.

Since 2004, the company has been performing a range of services related to seed treatment, dispersal of fertilizers, herbicides processing and the use of various fungicides. We maintain the largest fleet of specialized machines including special seed- treating equipment and self-propelled, high performance sprayers.

Beginning in 2008, we have been providing fumigating and chemical treatment services for elevators, HSP, processing plants and warehouses. The company has been using only highest quality products and latest technology while employing expert specialists who had undergone extensive training in the matter.

Since 2011, we have been also working in the area of treatment of hybrid seeds of sunflower, maize and sugar with such industry leaders as Pioneer, Caussade, Sesvanderhave and others.

During the whole period beginning from the date of product delivery and all the way until the harvest time, the cultivated fields are under constant supervision by our Agronomy Center. This allows us to quickly respond to any unusual situations that may arise and thus guarantees that the plants and crops are cared for and protected during the entire time.









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